Snowboarding Protective Gear


Snow Protective Gear: Helmets, Pads, and Wrist Guards

Welcome to Boarders Skate Snow's comprehensive selection of snow protective gear. Whether you're hitting the slopes for adrenaline-pumping snowboarding or skiing adventures, safety is paramount. Explore our carefully curated categories tailored for men, women, unisex, and kids, featuring top brands like Anon, K2, Salomon, and SPY.


Protect your head with our range of snow helmets designed for superior comfort and safety. We offer helmets for every style and preference, ensuring you find the perfect fit to keep you protected during your snow adventures.

Wrist Guards:

Prevent wrist injuries with our ergonomic wrist guards. Ideal for beginners and seasoned riders alike, these guards offer reliable support and protection, allowing you to focus on perfecting your skills on the slopes.

- Men's Snow Protective Gear: Explore our range of helmets, pads, and wrist guards tailored specifically for men. Find the right gear from trusted brands to enhance your performance and safety on the snow.

- Women's Snow Protective Gear: Discover stylish and functional helmets, pads, and wrist guards designed to meet the needs of women riders. Prioritise safety without sacrificing style with our selection of top-quality gear.

- Unisex Snow Protective Gear: Versatile and inclusive, our unisex collection features helmets, pads, and wrist guards suitable for anyone hitting the slopes. Browse through our diverse options to find the perfect gear for your snow adventures.

- Kids' Snow Protective Gear: Ensure your little ones stay safe with our kid-friendly helmets, pads, and wrist guards. Designed with comfort and protection in mind, our children's gear allows young riders to enjoy the snow with peace of mind.

Top Brands:

- Anon: Known for innovation and performance, Anon offers cutting-edge snow gear including helmets and protective accessories that combine style with top-notch safety features.

- K2: With a legacy of quality and reliability, K2 provides a range of helmets, pads, and wrist guards designed to withstand the rigours of snow sports while ensuring optimal comfort and protection.

- Salomon: Embrace the outdoors with Salomon's premium snow protective gear. Their collection includes helmets, pads, and wrist guards that deliver exceptional performance and durability on the slopes.

- SPY: Protect your vision and enhance your safety with SPY's advanced snow goggles and helmets. Explore their selection for innovative designs that prioritise both style and functionality.


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