Snowboard & Ski Repair Service

Snow tune

Full Tune

A proper tuning of your snowboard/skis will keep you gliding along smoothly and having fun on the slopes all season. Our tunes include side edging, base edging, belt base grinding, wax and polish.


Want to have a good time on the snow? Then having a freshly waxed snowboard or pair of skis is key for having a good time on the slopes. A freshly waxed board provides better slide on the snow, which means less time getting stuck in flat areas and having to unstrap. Waxing your board regularly also hydrates and protects the base from drying up, meaning it will last a lot longer.


Delamination, edge impacts and base repairs, we'll bring your beat-up board/skis back to life.


Full Tune $50
Hand Wax $20
Machine Wax Free
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